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Kristian Stanfill Passion - Even So Come
Passion - Even So Come
Six Steps (2015)
-Shout Hosanna
Kristian Stanfill Passion Even So Come Single
Passion Even So Come Single
Six Steps (2015)
-Even So Come
Kristian Stanfill Passion - Take It All
Passion - Take It All
Six Steps (2014)
-My Heart Is Yours
-Never Gonna Let Me Go (Live)
Kristian Stanfill Passion - Let The Future Begin
Passion - Let The Future Begin
Six Steps (2013)
-In Christ Alone
Kristian Stanfill Passion - White Flag
Passion - White Flag
Six Steps (2012)
-Not Ashamed
-One Thing Remains

Kristian Stanfill Mountains Move
Mountains Move
Six Step (2011)
-Lord Almighty
Kristian Stanfill Passion - Here For You
Passion - Here For You
Six Step (2011)
-Forever Reign
Kristian Stanfill Passion - Everything Glorious
Passion - Everything Glorious
Six Step (2006)
-Jesus Paid It All
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