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God's Not Dead by Newsboys
God's Not Dead (2011)
Label: Inpop

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I Am Second by Newsboys

Verse 1:

There's a me that I don't really like
A me that says I'm
In control till the day that I die
And I don't know why
I push I pull I fight I fall
I end up crawling back to
That place where I figure it out
That I, that I, that I


I'm second to one
Redeemer, the Way, the Light
I'm second to one
The Saviour
No compromise
I'm laying everything
At the foot of the cross
My pride, my life, my all
I am second to one
And He is second to none


There's a change when I swallow my pride
And I surrender
There's a peace when I open my eyes
'Cause I remember
To live's to die
To fall's to rise
To kneel's to find the Saviour
Here I am and I've figured it out
Tonight tonight tonight...


He said "You come alive
When you lose your life"
So I lay it down
Yeah I surrender all



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